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Our Story

Rogers Insurance Center is family owned and operated since 1935.  Charlie and Patsy Rogers have been the proud owners since 1998.  The tradition continues as their daughters have decided to join the team.  Our agents have a combined experience of over 125 years in the insurance industry.  At Rogers Insurance Center there is always a friendly face to greet you.  We are licensed in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas.  Whether you are looking for home, farm, auto, commercial, life, or health, we have you covered.  Also, as an independent agency, we have access to hundreds of companies.  We recognize that not everyone wants the same type of insurance policy.  Our agents work with you to create a unique and individualized policy that takes your needs and expectations into consideration.  You never know when the unexpected is going to happen, but you won’t have to face it alone.  At Rogers Insurance Center we work hard to serve and protect our local communities.

Our Mission

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Meet The Team

Charlie Rogers - Owner

Patsy Rogers - Owner

Devony Metcalf


Charity Rogers

Mary Isom


Sandra Windle


John Smith


Sarah Cook



Wanna give a shout out to Devony Metcalf and Rogers Insurance Group. I have been so nervous about adding a 16 year old driver. Well, not with Rogers Insurance Group. Not only did she get him added, but we are paying less than what we were paying before we even added him! That's correct, we are saving money, and we also added $100,000 in coverage to our home for no additional money. It's amazing what you can do when you shop around! If you are looking to save money call Devony at Rogers Insurance.

Leslie Bissell

I have switched over to Rogers insurance Agency and have had nothing but savings. My insurance costs have gone down tremendously! Sandra and Cathy have worked hard to get me the best prices on all my insurance needs! I am currently saving over 2,500 a year with  Rogers insurance Agency in Miami, Oklahoma! If you think you're paying too much,you probably are, and you should check this agency out!!!            

Kelly Longan

They beat every quote I got with other insurance agencies. Always a friendly smile and someone willing to help you.

Miriah Hiner

Rogers insurance is a great group of people that offer great auto and home insurance. Devony is awesome, and very helpful! I highly recommend.

Ryan Kirkendall